Al-Rahmat International Trust

The Al-Rahmat Project

Al-Rahmat representatives want to make an everlasting change to the affected areas and provide relief in the form of funds and projects to help rebuild what was lost and to improve other necessities such as education, health and well being.

We at the trust believe that starting with an education complex within the heart of one of the most badly affected areas (Bagh) will set foundations for a better future; as we know through education, teaching and experience results in endless limits. ‘Helping them to help themselves in the coming future’.

The trust has identified the need of an Education Centre, we have embarked on a project to build  Al-Rahmat Education Complex in the heart of the city of Bagh, Tolly Road, Hasan Abad, Azad Kashmir,

Acquiring over 26,000 sq.ft of land was the start of the project. Now we are in the process of a acquiring over 5000 sq.ft additional land which will be used for a playground and also will provide the parking facilities.

The education complex in Bagh is to be designed in the Turkish Ottoman style of architecture, that will include a mosque, school and some retail shops. This is a long term project and the aim is to make it self sufficient in the future. The area of Bagh is earthquake prone, therefore all necessary precautions will be taken to design and build the complex of earthquake proof construction.

Our Vision and Aim is to expose and provide a healthy and a balanced educational environment for our future generations from the very beginning.

Donations are being accepted for the Al-Rahmat Education Complex and sponsorship of a window, rooms or roof to be named after you or your loved ones can be arranged. You also have the opportunity to sponsor an orphan child.


All amounts of donations are welcomed, no matter how small, as every little helps.

Help us by donating cash as Sadakat, Zakah & Zakatul Fitr (Fitrana).




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