Al-Rahmat International Trust (ARIT)

"In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful."

Al-Rahmat is a Non Political, Non Profitable, Co-ordinated, Organised and CommUnity Trust.

  1. To provide  relief to the deprived, suffering among victims of natural or other kind of disaster to inhabitants of Pakistan and State of  Kashmir.
  2. To provide international Aid to those in need, both financial and practical terms. 
  3. To provide special assistance to orphaned children and widows.
  4. To get the commUnity to pledge to work together in a collective and  co-ordinated way to help poor and needy .
  5. To get all Al-Rahmat Trust members to pledge to work together and help each other, to be more effective.
  6. To promote working together:
    • To be a more effective and efficient organisation.
    • To unite and mobilise the youth as a whole. 
    • To promote essential skills and knowledge to enable us to work as a team. 
  7. To empower the youth with self esteem, confidence, communication and inter-personal skills. 
  8. To combat social exclusion, delinquency, and social deprivation in a creative and positive manner long term.   
  9. To inspire and encourage the youth to work hard in their education and to be rewarded with good careers.   
  10. To be the voice of the youth.  And to give them an avenue to express themselves.  
  11. Our  Trust will be transparent and accountable to all commUnity.

We welcome contributions and ideas to achieve our objectives regardless of your political ground.

We would appreciate for any comments; opinions and suggestions which will enable us to improve  the working of our Trust.


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